Mobile system for fire-fighting in confined spaces



Project Coordinator

Conf. Dr. Eng. Teodor-Viorel CHELARU
Phone: 0723214423, Fax: 0311023649, email:

Project number

Project Overview

SMCI/SD is a project that aims at developing a mobile system for fighting fires in open spaces and creating the basis for a sustainable development in this field. The success of the project is based on the experience of our partners in the required domains for designing all he subsystems. The main components are the mobile system for fighting fires (SMCI), the carrying rocket, the active section containing the substance used for firefighting and the vehicle on which the SMCI is installed.

General objectives and estimated results

The technical objectives have as a starting point the idea of creating the basis for a sustainable development in this field, so that we intent to solve the critical problems of the major functional subsystems which form the system described in the technical annex and to analyze the results obtained subsequent to the testing of the functional system. Therefore, the technical objectives of the project become:

  • Development of the mobile system for fighting fires (SMCI), at ‘proof of concept’  level, which implies fixing the package of loaded containers on the launching assembly and installing this on the carrying vehicle. The development of the system for setting the fire (the electrical connections) and carrying on experiments by shootings with measurement of the efficiency of the system, in polygon conditions;
  • Development of the carrying rocket, that involves creating the structure following the studies and the analyses of the possible constructive solutions, as well as verifying the structural strength of the rocket;
  • Development of the solid-fuel rocket engine (MRCS) that ensures the traction required for transporting the active section in the area of interest;
  • Development of the active section entailing the substance used for firefighting;
  • Development of the container, both the mechanical and electrical part;
  • Development of the launching assembly orientation system, hydraulically operated and installed on a light terrain vehicle;

The scientific objectives are represented by correlated studies with numerous experiments that are aimed at controlling phenomena specific to the technical objectives previously described, of which we mention the following:

  • The thermochemistry of burning in solid-fuel rocket engine jet;
  • Aerodynamics;
  • Flight dynamics: developing a preliminary shooting board, determining the scattering area at impact;
  • Strength of materials – calculation and testing the structure of the rocket;
  • Dynamics of the vehicles’ movement – for evaluating the performance of the transport vehicle with the attached launching system;
  • The gas dynamics of the multiphase flows – for the study of the active substances scattering in the atmosphere and for the optimization of the anti-fire effect in the open.

Coordinating Institution

CO – UPB – University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest – Centrul de Cercetări pentru Aeronautică și Spațiu, with the headquarters in Bucharest, 1 Gh.Polizu Street, Postal code 011061

Consortium structure

P1 – ATM – ACADEMIA TEHNICA MILITARA (Technical Military Academy of Bucharest), with the headquarters in Bucharest, Bd. George Cosbuc, nr. 81-83, Postal code 75275. Responsible for the project: Col. prof. Dr. Eng. Cristian BARBU, tel. 0213354660, Fax: 0213355763, email address:

P2 – UAM – SC UZINA AUTOMECANICA MORENI SA, with the headquarters in Moreni, str. Teis, nr. 16, Postal code 135300. Responsible for the project: Eng. Valeriu Rasina, tel 0245668526, Fax: 0245 666939, email address:

P3 – ELMEC – S.C. ELECTROMECANICA PLOIESTI S.A., with the headquarters in Ploiești, Sos. Ploiesti-Tirgoviste Km.8, Postal code 100590. Responsible for the project: Eng. Cristina MIHĂILESCU, tel. 0244-590780, Fax: 0244-513301, email address:

P4 – UMP – S.C. Uzina Mecanicǎ Plopeni S.A., with the headquarters in Plopeni, Str Republicii, nr. 1, Postal code 100590. Responsible for the project: Dr. Eng. Vasile PETRE, tel. 0244223023, Fax: 0244223023, email address:

P5 – CNR – Compania Nationala Romarm SA., with the headquarters in Bucharest, Bd. Timisoara 5B, Postal code 77309. Responsible for the project: Eng. Marian GÎLCEAVĂ, tel. 07245255651, Fax: 0725189435, email address:

P6 – MIRS – S.C. MIRSAND S.R.L., with the headquarters in Brașov, Calea București, nr.32, bl.S13, ap.4, Postal code 500365. Responsible for the project: Eng. Costică NEGRU-RUSEN, tel. 0728444889, Fax: 0268-321666, email address:

P7 – CPE – S.C. COMFRAC R&D PROJECT EXPERT S.R.L., with the headquarters in Bucharest, str. DECEBAL, nr. 1, Postal code 30961. Responsible for the project: CPI Dr. Eng. Adrian Viorel COMAN, tel. 0745147811, Fax: 021-3260642, email address:

Contracting Authority

The National Center for Program Management (CNMP)
Financing contract no. 32-103/2008 with CNMP, in the PNIIC2 – Program 4 – Partnerships in foreground domains

Project time frame

Project length is 36 months, from the date when the contract was signed and the contract number was assigned by the National Center for Program Management – 01.10.2008. The complete execution date for the activities of the project, as object of the present partnership, is 30.09.2011.

Parties' activities & responsibilities

UPB- CCAS has as responsibilities both coordinating the overall activity as well as solving a number of scientific issues specific to the project: defining the aerodynamic characteristics; multiphase CFDA models for MRCS; promoting the project among the European R&D projects in order to integrate it; disseminating information by publicizing papers and by taking part to scientific events.

P1 – ATM is responsible for defining the anti-fire substance and to be the designer of the active section of the rocket. It will elaborate computing models for the study of the scattering of the active substance in order to optimize the efficiency of the system. It will perform an economic analysis with regard to the operating prices of the system. It participates with a paper at one scientific event.

P2- UAM represents an industrial partner. It develops the adjustment and the adaptation of the terrain vehicle as mobile launching platform on which SMCI is assembled. It takes part to designing a computation model and to study regarding shocks and vibrations of the main sub-systems and of the personnel from the vehicle. It carries on the experimentation of the equipped vehicle in the plant polygon.

P3 – ELMEC represents an industrial integrative partner integrator for SMCI. It develops the rocket engine, assembling and testing the rocket. SMCI assembling. It coordinates the polygon experimentation. It patents SMCI.

P4 – UMP represents an industrial partner. It develops the active section based on a project supplied by ATM.

P5 – CNR is responsible for the commercial promoting the results of the project. It also ensures the interface with the internal military polygons, by participating at the design of the experimental program and to obtain the necessary approvals required for experiment of the system. It will disseminate the results of the project by creating a webpage where the most important findings will be made public as activities are accomplished.

P6 – MIRS represents an industrial partner. It builds up the launching container.

P7 – CPE represents the research partner. It will carry on a series of computing applications: the dynamic model for verifying the accomplishment of required performances; developing a computation model for structures, testing program, developing an interior ballistic model for MRCS. Disseminating information by taking part in scientific events.

Project Budget

Source of financing: State budget (through PNIIC2) + partners’ co-financing.

Partner 2008 2009 2010 2011 Total
Project total 129897 20363 526183 162188 843920 194399 500000 338591 2000000 715541
CO 28557 0 65970 0 105562 0 50252 0 250341 0
P1 44543 0 94462 0 88684 0 73182 0 300871 0
P2 6976 3757 146821 79057 74663 13840 42088 63131 270548 270548
P3 19257 6419 61300 24563 170751 45655 240278 215338 491586 291975
P4 0 0 47091 25357 208076 112041 0 0 255167 137397
P5 16949 5650 9531 3177 31967 0 34562 34562 93008 43388
P6 0 0 63211 18436 91450 22863 59639 25560 214300 66859
P7 13614 4538 37798 11598 72768 0 0 0 124180 124180

B – Amount requested from the state budget;
C – The amount representing co-financing;
All the amounts are in RON

Date: 24.09.2008


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