Aerial multifunctional system with high autonomy for environment surveillance



Project Coordinator

Prof. Univ. Dr. Eng. Romulus LUNGU
Phone: 0251435724/132, Fax: 0251436447, email:

Project number

Project Overview

SAMASCAM is a project that aims at creating a functional competitive system with a high degree of reliability. Subsequent to the research activity it will result a model of the system accompanied by the technical documentation.

General objectives and estimated results

The scientific objectives of the project are in accordance with the mission and the requirements proposed by the potential users, under the circumstances determined by increased performances and reducing costs in comparison with similar products. These are:

  • Applying new researches results and technologies in the field, based on a partnership between researchers and constructors/beneficiaries, given the conditions of a superior capitalization of each partner’s experience;
  • Applying integrated design and versatility and sustainable development principles;
  • New software design, specific to the application;
  • A new competitive product development, with a high degree of reliability.

In each progress phase of the project there are included measurable objectives that must be attained, specific to the type of performed activity:

  • For the fundamental research activities there will be formulated and verified hypothesis, conceptual models and theories regarding technologies and products that represent the object of the planned task, will be elaborated
  • For the industrial research studies and analysis with regard to new suggested solutions, will be elaborated, documentations and experimental models will be developed, and the validity and feasibility of the suggested solutions will be tested,
  • For the experimental development, there will be prepared the technical documentation of the product(s) and of the systems of which model resulted from the fundamental and/or industrial research.

Coordinating Institution

CO – UCV – University of Craiova, headquarters in Craiova, Str. A. I. Cuza nr. 13, Postal code 200585

Consortium structure

P1 – INCAS – National Institute for Aerospace Research “Elie Carafoli” Bucharest, with the headquarters in Bucharest, B-dul Iuliu Maniu, 220, Postal code 061126. Responsible for the project: Eng. Andrei NEAMTU, telephone no.: 0214340083, fax: 0214340082, email address:

P2 – COMFRAC – S.C. COMFRAC R&D PROJECT EXPERT S.R.L., with the headquarters in Bucharest, str. DECEBAL, nr. 1, Postal code 30961. Responsible for the project: Prof. Dr. Eng. Marin BICA, telephone no.: 0213260642, fax: 0213260642, email address:

P3 – SEEK – SC SEEKTRON SRL, headquarters in Ploiesti, Soseaua Vestului nr. 33, Postal code 30961. Responsible for the project: CS I Eng. Toader MELINTE, telephone no.: 0244567750, fax: 0244567750, email address:

P4 – CCIZ – Centrul de Cercetari si Incercari in Zbor (In Flight Research & Test Center), headquarters in Craiova, Str. G-ral Stefan Ispas nr. 1, Postal code 200786. Responsible for the project: CS III Eng. Dorin STOIAN, telephone no.: 0251435292, fax: 0251435292, email address:

P5 – ACV – SC Avioane Craiova SA, with the headquarters in Ghercesti, str. Aviatorilor Nr. 10, judetul Dolj, Postal code 207280. Responsible for the project: Eng. Ioan SAVA, telephone no.: 0251402054, fax: 0251402040, email address:

Contracting Authority

The National Center for Program Management (CNMP)
Financing contract no. 82-072/2008 with CNMP, in the PNIIC2 – Program 4 – Partnerships in foreground domains

Project time frame

Project length is 36 months, from the date when the contract was signed and the contract number was assigned by the National Center for Program Management – 01.10.2008. The complete execution date for the activities of the project, as object of the present partnership, is 30.09.2011.

Parties' activities & responsibilities

CO – UCV has as responsibilities both coordinating the overall activity as well as solving a number of scientific issues specific to the project: elaborating conceptual models and computation theories regarding the aeronautical structure; studies, analysis concerning the existing worldwide technical solutions in the field. Interpretation of the solutions; multi-criteria analysis; design of the propulsion system project; testing the experimental model; information dissemination by publicizing papers and by taking part to scientific events.

P1 – INCAS is mainly responsible for ensuring planning; prototyping and testing of the commands drive system; aerodynamic computation of the configuration; preliminary studies on stability and flight dynamics. Also, it takes part to information dissemination activity.

P2- COMFRAC has the role of outlining the critic study of the constructive solution of the radio command system (board equipment and ground equipment); development of the energy board system; creating the tele-transmission system.

P3 – SEEK is responsible for making the sensors system for measuring the concentration of the polluting gaseous compounds, the video system and the positioning system; the study of stability and dynamics of the fully equipped experimental model.

P4 – CCIZ ensures the processing activity of the received data by studying the present situation, creating the model and testing it; the critic study of the received data processing and drawing up the pollution maps system; elaborates the project of the energy board system.

P5 – ACV ensures the technical assistance for creating the aerial structure; the study of the stability and dynamics of the fully equipped model.

Project Budget

Source of financing: State budget (through PNIIC2) + partners’ co-financing.

Partner 2008 2009 2010 2011 Total
Project Total 122614 3000 268601 56300 1469372 194918 139250 19400 1999837 273618
CO 63013 0 89700 0 775232,6 0 123050 0 1050996,6 0
P1 9900 0 90900 30300 132539,4 49180 16200 5400 249539,4 84880
P2 25001 0 49601 12400 174849 43150 0 0 249451 55550
P3 19200 0 38400 9600 135151 33788 0 0 192751 43388
P4 5500 3000 0 4000 102200 19000 0 14000 107700 40000
P5 0 0 0 0 149400 49800 0 0 149400 49800

B – Amount requested from the state budget;
C – The amount representing co-financing;
All the amounts are in RON

Date: 23.09.2008


Conferences, seminars, partners meetings.

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