Integrated system for close aerial recognition, ballistic launched and parachuted over risk areas



Project Coordinator

CPI Dr. Eng. Adrian Viorel COMAN
Phone: 0745147811, Fax: 021-3260642, email:

Project number

Project Overview

REC2A is a project that aims at creating an integrated system for close air recognition. It will be guaranteed the compatibility with similar systems belonging to the armies of NATO countries.

General objectives and estimated results

The technical objectives are aiming at an integrated system for close aerial recognition, which will be used by terrestrial troops for air exploration of the tactical situation on the battle field of the enemy, processing and interpretation of data and taking the right decision with regard to the warfare actions, with minimal loses from the enemy side. The technical objectives of the project, as we have planned them, are the following:

  • Concept study regarding the REC2A system (the ballistic launching system, carrying vector, time-fuse, expulsion mode, parachuting mode, optoelectronic, transmission-reception, image processing devices, image processing software);
  • Study regarding the operating requirements imposed to the system modules and to the whole REC2A system;
  • The standard functional-constructive scheme of the REC2A system modules;
  • Design of the experimental model of the REC2A system;
  • Establish the technical characteristics and defining the REC2A system modules;
  • Elaborate the functional-constructive scheme of REC2A system modules;
  • Design and experiment the REC2A system modules, presentation and demonstration of their functionality and utility;
  • Set up the techniques and the design methods, measure, verify ad control of several optoelectronic devices intended for obtaining a quality image of the interest targets found at a average distance (app. 300 m), on day and night time (visibility ensured by an external source);

Creating this system at experimental model level and solving the main technical and technological problems represent the quantifiable objectives of the project, objectives that will represent the basis for developing next a product which will enter in the exploitation of the beneficiaries, ensuring compatibility with similar systems belonging to armies from NATO member countries, and further taking part to an European regional cooperation project.

The scientific objectives are represented by correlated studies with numerous experiments that would lead to mastering the phenomena that take place in the acceleration process, trajectory flight, release and unfolding of the parachute, operating, registration, encryption, tele-transmission, reception, storage and processing the video information, in accordance with the technical objectives previously described. We mention the following scientific objectives:

  • Design several models of the flight of the ammunition carrier equipped with miniaturized device for acquisition and transmission of images, establishing the flight equations of the ammunition;
  • Elaborate and verify the analysis software of the flight, for estimating the peril and risk areas;
  • Elaborate and verify the theory with regard to combination, initiation, deflagration or explosion of the mixture and simulation of the interior ballistic at the mouth.

Coordinating Institution

CO – SEEK – S.C. SEEKTRON S.R.L., with the headquarters in Ploiesti, Soseaua Vestului nr. 33, Postal code 30961

Consortium structure

P1 – UNAP – National Defense University „Carol I”, with the headquarters in Bucharest, Soseaua Panduri 65-72, Postal code 050663. Responsible for the project: Prof. Univ. Dr. Eng. Gavril MALOS, telephone no. 0722564677, Fax: 021-3195764, email address:

P2 – ARCAD – S.C. ARCAD & RESEARCH S.R.L., with the headquarters in Bucharest, Str. Girleni nr 7, Postal code. 061651. Responsible for the project: CPIII Eng. Niculae MARIN, telephone no. 0744486815, Fax: 0311044300, email address:

P3 – COMFRAC – S.C. COMFRAC R&D PROJECT EXPERT S.R.L., with the headquarters in Bucharest, str. DECEBAL, nr. 1, Postal code 30961. Responsible for the project: Prof. Univ. Dr. Eng. BICA Marin, telephone no. 0745147811, Fax: 021-3260642, email address:

Contracting Authority

The National Center for Program Management (CNMP)
Financing contract no. 82-098/2008 with CNMP, in the PNIIC2 – Program 4 – Partnerships in foreground domains

Project time frame

Project length is 36 months, from the date when the contract was signed and the contract number was assigned by the National Center for Program Management – 01.10.2008. The complete execution date for the activities of the project, as object of the present partnership, is 30.09.2011.

Parties' activities & responsibilities

CO – SEEKTRON has as responsibilities coordinating the overall activity and ensuring the project management, as well as solving a number of scientific issues specific to the project:

  • Defining the general characteristics;
  • Establishing the specifications for the main functional sub-assemblies;
  • Ensuring testing conditions, evaluation and implementation of the new products developed in the project;
  • Research and development of the ATI device, data transmission and reception devices, command and control point;
  • Design and exploitation of the image processing software;

P1 – UNAP has the role of:

  • Ensuring the functional interface between the technical staff of the product and the intern beneficiary, compound of the national defense system;
  • Participating to static and dynamic testing of the system;
  • Ensuring supervision of the conforming to the standards specific to the military field;

P2- ARCAD is responsible for:

  • Research and development of the pneumo-thermal ballistic launcher;
  • Testing the principle of using the explosive fuel mixture for the propulsion of the ammunition;
  • Taking part to the execution, testing and notice of the integrated system.

P3 – COMFRAC has the role of:

  • Researching and developing the carrier ammunition, propellant, time fuse and expulsion system, parachuting system;
  • Testing the models which it has in direct accountability;
  • Taking part to the execution, testing and notice of the integrated system.

Project Budget

Source of financing: State budget (through PNIIC2) + partners’ co-financing.

Partner 2008 2009 2010 2011 Total
Project total 0 0 188004 19341 289314 59403 261096,54 51422,11 738414,54 130166,11
CO 0 0 33614 3841 83525 13381 88110,54 17622,11 205249,54 34844,11
P1 0 0 0 0 21698 0 3986 0 25684 0
P2 0 0 69390 8000 86794 21698 77000 15400 233184 45098
P3 0 0 85000 7500 97297 24324 92000 18400 274297 50224

B – Amount requested from the state budget;
C – The amount representing co-financing;
All the amounts are in RON

Date: 21.02.2011


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