Integrated system for information (audio, video, data) transmission, bidirectional, wireless, through laser beam



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General objectives and estimated results

The general objective of the project consists in increasing the productivity of TELEBIT PROD LTD company from Iași, by cooperating and ensuring its access to the research results performed by our research organization, COMFRAC R&D PROJECT EXPERT from Bucharest, with regard to creating an integrated system for information transmission (audio, video, etc.), bidirectional, wireless, through laser beam. The complex and innovative system desired to be conceived through this project, is of great interest for the economic agent TELEBIT PROD LTD, which aims at implementing it afterwards in production and operating on a very high potential market, according to the business plan draw up for this specific purpose.

The specific objectives of the project are the following:

  • Performing studies and research activities by the research organization in the next areas of interest: signals processing for elaborating efficient spectral conversion methods; data compression, analogical and numerical processing of information; high reliability and immunization of the system against the mechanical and climatic perturbations; creating the automatic adjusting, focusing and self-command system;
  • Executing experimental models for the principle modules of the system; testing, optimizing and validating the resulting constructive and functional solutions;
  • Technological transfer of the research results from the research organization to the enterprise, with a view to future production implementation through an innovation project;
  • Gaining and validating the industrial property rights over the research results, process performed by the enterprise.

Through the assumed general and specific objectives, the projects responds completely and contributes to the general objective of the Sectoral Operational Program “Increase of Economic Competitiveness” (POS CCE), that is the increase of Romanian companies’ productivity and reducing the disparities compared to the average productivity of EU, the specific objective of the Priority Axis 2 (Increase of the R&D capacity, stimulation of the cooperation between RDI institutions and enterprises, and increase of enterprises’ access to RDI) and the objective of Operation 2.1.1. (generating results of economic interest and stimulating technological transfer of the results of the research and scientific knowledge in the economic field, by financing the R&D projects, which will generate directly applicable results in the economy).

Contracting Authority

The National Authority for Scientific Research as Intermediary Organism (IO), exercises the responsibilities of and for the Ministry of Economy, Commerce and Business Environment as Management Authority (MA) for the Sectoral Operational Program “Increase of Economic Competitiveness” (POS CCE).

Project time frame

The implementation period has 24 months, from the date when the contract was signed. The contract is valid for 5 years from the official/partial closure of the Sectoral Operational Program “Increase of Economic Competitiveness” (POS CCE) in accordance with the national and community reglementations enforced.

Project Budget

The source of financing: structural funds through POS CCE + partners co-financing.

Total value of the project: 5.124.000 RON
Eligible value of the project: 4.100.000 RON
Non-eligible value of the project: 1.024.000 RON

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