Air-borne complex with combined action over threatening weather phenomenon



Project Coordinator

CS II mathematician Patru SPATARU
Phone.: 0214340083, Fax: 0214340082, email:

Project number

Project Overview

The project aims at developing an airborne complex formed by an aerial platform, multiple multirole rocket launchers, active elements (rockets, tracers, sensors, etc., installed on the aerial platform), which, based on the information received from a detection system for atmospheric parameters and sensors situated on the ground, or attached to the aerial platform, can carry on activities for reducing the effects of extreme atmospheric phenomena over the crops, and for the objectives of national and strategic interest, having at the same time the role of modifying the regime of the risk atmospheric parameters and regularizing them. The attached sensors allow action even in the situations when there is no information received from the ground, the ground stations being responsible for processing the data at every 10-20 minutes, time interval in which forming and falling of hail can take place in one complete cycle.

General objectives and estimated results

  1. Analyzing, developing and testing of working algorithms of the compound elements of the airborne complex, in the context of performing them in difficult atmospheric conditions:
    • Development of patterns for flight of the aerial platform that acts over cloud formations found at different altitudes and atmospheric conditions (temperature, wind); determining the flight equations for the aerial complex;
    • Elaborating and checking the analysis and prognosis of the atmospheric fronts on statistical basis software;
    • Develop the algorithms of performing the activity of active influence over the cloud formations.
  2. Design and development of the compound elements of the complex:
    • Defining the architecture of the aerial complex and designing the technical specifications for its components;
    • Designing (re-designing) the components assembly and the mechanical-electronic interface for the aerial platform-launcher-rocket-atmospheric sensors (detection system for atmospheric parameters and attached sensors);
    • Determining the management procedures in case of missing information from the ground on the evolution of the atmospheric front;
    • Creating the experimental model of the component assemblies of the complex.
  3. Testing the components and the airborne complex in static and dynamic conditions; approving the experimental- demonstrative model:
    • Elaborating the experimentation on sub-assemblies and on the general assembly programs;
    • Design and execution of the auxiliary testing equipment;
    • Establishing the location for dynamic trials, information acquisition, analysis and processing;
    • Performing the tests and preparing the approval document.

Coordinating Institution

CO – INCAS – National Institute for Aerospace Research “Elie Carafoli”, headquarters in Bucharest, Bd. Iuliu Maniu nr. 220, sector 6, postal code 061126

Consortium structure

P1 – ELMEC – S.C. Electromecanica Ploiesti S.A. with the headquarters in Ploiesti, Sos. Ploiesti – Targoviste km 8, Postal code 100590. Responsible for the project: Eng. Neculai-Costica SAVA, tel. 0244-590780 , Fax: 0244-513301, email address:

P2 – CCIZ – In Flight Research & Test Center, with the headquarters in Craiova, jud. Dolj, str. Gl. Stefan Ispas Nr. 1, Postal code. 200786. Responsible for the project: Captain Commander Eng. CS III Dumitru DRAGOMIR, tel 0251435292, Fax: 0251435292, email address:

P3 – SIARM – S.C. SIARM S.A., with the headquarters in Bucharest, str. Belizarie, 10, Postal code 13965. Responsible for the project: CS II Eng. Gheorghe SMETANA, tel. 0726107835, Fax: 0212333869, email address:

P4 – COMFRAC – S.C. COMFRAC R&D PROJECT EXPERT S.R.L., with the headquarters in Bucharest, str. DECEBAL, nr. 1, Postal code 30961. Responsible for the project: Prof. Univ. Dr. Eng. BICA Marin, tel. 0745147811, Fax: 021-3260642, email address:

Contracting Authority

The National Center for Program Management (CNMP)
Financing contract no. 852-106/2008 with CNMP, in the PNIIC2 – Program 4 – Partnerships in foreground domains

Project time frame

Project length is 36 months, from the date when the contract was signed and the contract number was assigned by the National Center for Program Management – 01.10.2008. The complete execution date for the activities of the project, as object of the present partnership, is 30.09.2011.

Parties' activities & responsibilities

CO – INCAS has as responsibilities both coordinating the overall activity as well as solving a number of scientific issues specific to the project: defining the aerodynamic characteristics; specifications for the main functional sub-assemblies; trials in prompter aerodynamics, elaborating the documentation for the modification and adjustment of the analysis and prognosis sub-systems; disseminating information by publicizing papers and by taking part to scientific events; promoting the projects in the European regional program so with the aim of integrating it.

P1 – ELMEC is an industrial partner, responsible for: documentation, testing performing and approve the undirected rocket air-air; documentation, testing performing and approve the experimental model of the active generator with smoke, specific working procedures; takes part along with the other partners at the information dissemination and at national and aboard scientific events.

P2- CCIZ is responsible with drawing up the action procedures in accordance with the in force regulations, installing the equipments on the airship, executing the flying trials and the works mentioned in the Plan of completion.

P3 – SIARM is the industrial partner, responsible for: documentation, testing and trials necessary for approval of the experimental model of the launcher of multiple undirected rockets air-air; takes part along with the other partners at the information dissemination and at national and aboard scientific events.

P4 – COMFRAC is responsible for elaborating the analysis and short-term weather prognosis software, based on the statistical data obtained from the competent authorities in the field; takes part along with the other partners at the information dissemination and at national and aboard scientific events.

Project Budget

Source of financing: State budget (through PNIIC2) + partners’ co-financing.

Partner 2008 2009 2010 2011 Total
Project total 393000 83125 408000 79000 845000 162000 353500 55375 1999500 379500
CO 195000 50000 228000 51000 43000 16500 99000 22250 565000 139750
P1 92000 22500 74000 14750 167000 83500 73000 16750 406000 137500
P2 22500 0 18000 0 511000 0 92000 0 643500 0
P3 32500 5875 26000 6500 124000 62000 48000 9500 230500 83875
P4 51000 4750 62000 6750 0 0 41500 6875 154500 18375

B – Amount requested from the state budget;
C – The amount representing co-financing;
All the amounts are in RON

Date: 24.09.2008


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