RID International Center
Research-Innovation-Development International Center

RID INTERNATIONAL CENTER is a Romanian legal person, a research and development unit of private law, organized as a limited liability commercial company, according to the provisions of Article 8 paragraph B, letter a). from the Government Ordinance no. 57/2002 with regard to the scientific research and technological development, enforced through Law no. 324/2003, and which fulfills the conditions imposed by the definition of the research organization in accordance with the Community framework for state aid for research and development and innovation no. 323/2006.

The main business activity is research and development in natural sciences and engineering, CAENcode 7219 (business activity codification in Romania), and as secondary activity areas are those related to the main domain.

Engineering, architecture and technical consultancy activities (CAEN class 71XX)

Data processing, web pages and portals administration activities (CAEN class 63XX)

Services in information technology activities (CAEN class 62XX)

Publishing activities (CAEN class 58XX)

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RID INTERNATIONAL CENTER is accredited in accordance with the provisions from the Government Resolution no. 551/2007, by the decision of National Authority for Scientific Research (ANCS) NO. 9666/02.06.2008

Tax Identification Number (CUI): 22584431/17.10.2007

Number in the Registrar of Companies: J26/299/01.03.2017

Social capital: 2.000 lei


The vision of RID INTERNATIONAL CENTER is to allow researchers to do their work in a private environment, using both the know-how and the experience of a group with significant results in their activities carried out in different institutions belonging to the national research system, pursuing the objective of a relevant advance in applicative innovation and transfer of new technologies to production and the market.


The development strategy of RID INTERNATIONAL CENTER is focused on collaboration and participation in consortia for carrying on research projects acquired through national and international competitions, as well as on performing specific services for economic agents, involving academic staff with high expertise and ensuring them access to their research laboratories and infrastructure through partnerships, along with progressive and continuous development of our own research infrastructure, administrative infrastructure and services.


The major assignment of RID INTERNATIONAL CENTER is to carry on research, development and technological transfer activities, especially in the following areas of expertise:

  • Information technology;
  • Electronic;
  • Electrical engineering;
  • Mechanical engineering;
  • Aerospace engineering;
  • Industrial engineering;
  • Nanotechnologies;
  • Gren energy;
  • Environment protection;

but also to provide related services in IT, data processing, web pages and portals administration, engineering, architecture and technical consultancy.


As a research organization, RID INTERNATIONAL CENTER carries on activities specific to fundamental and industrial research, the findings of the research being represented by knowledge, articles, scientific studies, conceptual models, technologies, products and systems developed up to the level of homologated prototype and ready for technological transfer to an industrial applicant.

The products, equipments and systems resulted from the research and development activities performed by RID INTERNATIONAL CENTER are situated in the ‘customer design’ category, as they generally are unique and designed for special domains, being dedicated to a certain user, who is also the owner of the research project and its results